Sunday, August 23, 2009


1 year ago during my summer break in Malaysia...

My buddy - Nic with Ah Wong's hairtstyle.

Another buddy introduced by Nic - Shawn

Now, we meet up again after 1 year...
Still, we camwhore..

and do stupid things...

P/S: 朋友不需多, 只要有知心的, 一个都够. Thanks for being with me all the while...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goodbye Issey Miyake

After having dinner with Danny and Shinji, I thought that was all for the day.. Sweet, meeting OLD friends, feeling great.

Until I got home, I just found out that my lovely Issey Miyake perfume was gone forever. My sister broke the bottle accidentally when I was out. So what can I do other than looking at its cracked bottle and being surrounded by the Issey Miyake perfume in my room (so high class horr...)?

"I will get you another bottle."

"No, it's fine... I don't need it anymore," I said.

Not being angry at my sister, but I seriously don't think I still need it. Though it smells good and I still love it after a year, what it reminds me has changed as the chapter of my life proceeds. It has no special meaning to me now though it used to remind me of the previous summer I had.

It's time to move on, isn't it?

I still love you, Issey Miyake though you are gone..

P/S: 是不是很适合听林忆莲的<再见悲哀>? 我要看林忆莲演唱会!!!

Saturday, August 08, 2009