Monday, December 24, 2007

what do u do at nite?

usually when u r free at nite?

what do u do?

yamcha? surfing? or masturbxxing?

tonite i m so free, before goin to chicago at 4am later...

i decided to do this...

ta da... josh, my singaporean hallmate cut my hair for me.

hope i look better now..

chicago, here i come!!! with my new hairstyle (new as my hair hasnt been like this for so long since i have been here)

lonely christmas

lonely christmas

圣诞结 (mandarin version) by eason chan

lonely christmas (cantonese verion) by eason chan, too

they are my all time favorite christmas song. so lonely.

my first white christmas, here i come!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

michael's place

gosh i love kimchi so much.. yummy!!!..

i was invited to Micheal's apartment for a dinner before he flies back to korea for the winter break tmr. this is what michael cooked for us. korean friend rice, walnut rice, korean stir fried beef, and kimchi from oriental mart.

other than that, he also cooked pork steak with butter. it's so crispy and tasty.

his appearance doesnt tell us that he is such a good cook.

he had never cooked until he left korea and stayed in a single-room apartment himself. i wonder whether i can cook when i move out from the dorm.

let's c. hehe

his apartment was basically in the style of retro. his clock and furnitures looked like antiques which were really nice and neat.

da da! this is her costume for halloween party which we said he was a gay when we saw him wearing this to the class.

since i had a chance to try it, why not? probably it can be useful for cosplay. hehe

i wonder whether a man wearing a skirt is enough to "potong steam"

here we go, the nebraskan scotish with the musical instrument.

trying to be a traditional scotish rock star

thanks to jing yean, the video is in this way.

anyway it's enough to show how talented i m.

sorry guys, i was jz bullshitting jz now. michael is so talented.

he learned opera vocal, piano and some musical instruments before..

good man, out for grab!

my dear female friends who are single, go ahead!

after watching the movie, bruce almighty, it's everyone of us~

front: chia yi and me

back: jing yean(the worst camera man), michael, yurika and mayu (both japanese), and a korean couple (bumsoo and his wife)


when u're gone...

this is whitney... who was waiting to go back to malaysia from unl, flying to denvor, los angeles, taiwan and finally malaysia.

can u guess what were in her luggage? guitar hero !!! she jz bought 1 for her sister.
and of coz, there was a xmas card and presents that i asked her to bring it back for me.

THANK YOU, our dearest whitney...

this was not at the airport, it was the hallway of selleck hall, outside whitney's room.

we are nebraskans~~~ huskers rock!

don't you think our pose was so weird? let me show u who we were immitating.

it was my idol - 小S

the couple - ida and whitney...

and chiayi who was the photographer for the previous pics

whitney, we r gonna miss u. i hope u ll meet ur favorite 小猪on the plane.

haha... this is for u, isn't it touching?

whitney, can u c how important u r, to us? so pls bring as much malaysian food as possible back to unl.

without you and ida (who flew to LA later), the dorm and my room is so quiet... haha...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

tragedy - how influential is exam stress?

before i came here, i never really noe how much stress can affect a person. and, on the last nite before our last final, i finally found out.

this is the nerd who looks so innocent with his 'gayish' eyes... and the the terrible hair.

look at his fringe... urgh...

before the final, he was still mentally sound.. but not now anymore..

i always think that stress makes a person eat more.. so, as expected, this is what happened to me. not only eating regular meals, but tissues and leftover as well..

while studying, we had kimchi korean noodles. it was awesome.

korean food that have been americanized...

i miss the time when we studied together at the basement, having fun, gossiping, while studying at the same time.

P/S: cope with exam stress, everyone

the interview was so scary

interview is scary, it's scary!!! arh~~~

i woke up so early at 10am to show up for my interview appointment for CBA receptionist.

my first time of being interviewed by 3 top officers of the undergraduate advising office.

they tried to act friendly though they looked so serious.

and my heart was pumping so loud as if they could hear it.

anyway, i don't think i can get the job due to my bad communication skills and my timetable actually clashes with the working hours. my god.

other than that, i was stunted when i was asked to define "detail-oriented"

oh shit~~~

what is that!?

i was so honest that i answered, "i don't know the exact meaning of the term, but i ll try my best to define it,....... (and i started to crap)"

and then, they asked me few more questions and tried to imply the meaning to me.

though i don't think i'll get the job, i did learn something. it was an awesome experience!!!

P/S: jian wei tan, don't give up! look for other on-campus jobs!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


i have just done my C programming and statistics exams. i m so happy...

we went to the Westfield mall since whitney wanna buy some nebraska t-shirts for her brother.

due to the unavoidable weather change and my unexpected breakouts (though it happens almost everyday, i would still say it is unexpected).

i bought a cleanser, scruffing lotion, m-gel lotion, and eye gel.

since my dark circles and eye puffiness are getting out of control, i really have to spend some to rescue myself.

even my dad was frightened when he saw me on webcam. i m sorry for making u in trauma, dad. it's my fault and i know i gotta spend ur money to buy those stuff to get u out of the trauma.

so, pls forgive me for spending, it's for ur own good.. hehe

it's so worthy! other than applying it on my face. i can pose with it.

what a multi-functional skincare product.

though clinique products are cheaper here compare to malaysia, the promoter was so stingy. hmm... she only gave me some scrup wash, packed in a take-away sauce container.

but she is so friendly.. haha..

P/S: those who are in malaysia, do u want me to get u some skincare products from here when i m goin back? it's cheaper here.

feel free to tell me so that i can earn some human-courier fees.

mr. sonnic, dun jealous... i might buy for u if u beg me. hmm....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

gimme more~

since our dearest whitney cannot understand chinese, i m gonna write in english, just for her~

i finally understood and experienced how scarcity increases demand. instant noodles are kinda scarce here, not to mention curry and some special flavors from msia and korea.

it is called 'sao da' noodles brought by whitney from msia. it's so hot and spicy, and the noodles r so delicious. yummy.

however, 4 of us gotta share a bowl of noodles. of course, we wouldn't have forgotten to take a pic.

As the photographer, my reward was to finish the noodles. yummm...


honestly, i have gained 3-4 kg since i have been here. i m sorry guys.

this is how the dining hall looks like.

ida and jing yean both holding their couple cups.

ah... this is how i look when i saw someone carrying sponge bob around the uni.


P/S: i'll have my CBA receptionist interview tmr.. good luck to myself. whitney, what's for tonite's supper?

Monday, December 17, 2007


快考试了。。 勤劳的我当然又埋头苦干了。


看看桌上的橙皮。。 还吃蛮多的。






宪在不准笑得麻辣女教官。哈哈。 像吧?



上次失败了,这次的College of Business Admin receptionist。。



P/S: 远在中国的你要小心,多喝水,多穿件衣。好想你。

Saturday, December 15, 2007
















P/S: 失恋的朋友,看开点吧。

Friday, December 14, 2007


之前申请的front desk assistant也落榜了。

Thursday, December 13, 2007




吸烟真的会让身体温暖些吗? 平时的沙,现在也被雪覆盖了。



和我合照的人是传说中的blur queen - idang


看到很多圣诞特备的cheese cakes,就不断猛打包,果然是大马人

这是warren luckner的家。他真是太好人了。




Friday, December 07, 2007










冬天,好冷。。。 好多东西也变得好冷。


Sunday, December 02, 2007

japan night 07

i haven't been travelling in Japan though i spent few hours in Narita Airport while waiting for my next flight.

finally, i had a chance to be there. 拥抱日本

christine with the smart guy, wayne holding traditional japanese umbrella after dancing for the song - umbrella by rihanna.
my umbrella.. ella ella ella el el el el...

the best umbrella dancing diva of the night - jing yean. what a disgusting shot. i m wondering whether my camera is still ok.

back to the past - modern + traditional ladies playing the musical instrument. i don't think they know how to play. haha... ban ye.

this is the appetizer of the night. sushi. yeah! it's prawns or shrimps (what americans call them).
i love it man!

here comes the main dish of the night. i love it man!

my table - micheal, jing yeang, christine, wayne, a korean who can speak chinese, chia yi, chin heng.

those whom i hang out the most with in UNL: blur ida, whitney (my model - i picked her dress, shoes for her that night), chia yi, wayne and umbrella dancing diva - jing yean.

this is what they mean by commitment.

how bout the performance of the night? who cares? haha... all i wanted was food. to chia yi, all he wanted was AV since i told him that there ll be japanese AV show (what japanese are famous for) during japan night.