Saturday, July 19, 2008

X - Files

Case 1 - I cut my hair and I changed my hairstyle.

Some ppl said it was cool. Some said it sucks. I have no idea. I thought it would be cool for an intern to do this since we are young, energetic, and open to new challenges.

"Are you going to redo ur hair?" This was what i got from my colleague before she started laughing.

Case 2 - I cooked.

It sounds so unbelievable, right?

Yes, I cooked. Believe me. Though it was not very delicious, at least it was still edible. Thank god.



P/S: Should I redo my hair?


::: 月圓月缺 ::: said...

front view pls?
side view look nice ar~~
y redo neh?

Though it was not very delicious, at least it was still photogenic XD

Danny said...

tak sangka u got other talent ( cooking ) besides lasering....good for u ;)

okaywhy said...

Wow, your hairstyle and your face blend together perfectly. By the way, you might well consider shaving your head bald as a means to display your 'openness to new challenges', hehe...

wayne said...

front view of the hair looks like beckham. front view of the face looks like 金城武

i have a lot of talents that u havent discovered yet.

i might get nude while working as well as a new challenge

Shawny said...

tat hair~ hmmm....
wait till i c da real u la~
u noe wat sean said bout yo new hair?? buahhhahaha

n tat food... hmm....
c edi oso dunno wat u cook!!!
da 'eater' vy.... err...
ok.. dey got guts!!! tat's all i can say!!! >__<

wayne said...

that's so mean. >_<
u r jz being jealous that i didnt cook for u.

ida said...

wah... seems delicious! can cook for me when we are back in US d!yeah!