Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goodbye, Lincoln

I will be flying from Lincoln - Salt Lake City - Los Angeles - Taipei tomorrow.

Last night in Lincoln, a cute recent pic of me and friends. haha.. Oh... I need a haircut.

I have been cleaning my room and packing for 3 days... The longest time I ever used to pack. My room has been so messy these few days, plastic bags and trash were everywhere.

I am gonna miss this place and my room. This is my first individual room ever and I appreciate the privacy and freedom I have in this room so much.

This is my desk... with lots of stuff... CDs (from friends for my birthday), cards on the wall... They were really helpful when I was down or stressed.

My bed with a small cushion from the past. I am leaving the cushion here because I know it's time to move on, whether I want or don't want to...

Shoe boxes I have.. I know it is a lot but it is not because I am a shopaholic. In fact, I need boxes to put the mirror on a higher position so that I can see my face in the mirror (To those who are short, be glad that you don't have this problem...)

So, i bought those shoes for the mirror, not for myself. ;p


秋天, 喜欢在黄昏眺望窗外, 不知地球另一端早晨又怎样呢?


I am gonna miss Lincoln, my room, Lincoln, and the people...
Thank god, I can't believe I survived 2 years here in just a glance.

P/S: Time to move on, wayne wayne ! 把该留下的留下。台湾慧慈,等我啊,yes ok~~~


Danny said...

yeaaahhhh.. see u very soon..enjoy ur taipei trip la...
n thanks for displaying the CD in the pic

[SK] said...

hey, same laptop that i'm using.. and i see CK and Issey Miyake perfume woh..

歪歪 said...



Leu said...

hope to see u back in malaysia soon :)

无比膏 Wooby said...

几时回来 ? 挺挂念你的。

Jasin Ker said...

Sad to hear that, this is likely the most precious part of life.