Sunday, January 02, 2011

Finally --- New Year 2011

Surprises in year 2011 are yet to be revealed, hope everything goes well.

Year 2011 resolutions:

1. Get a special someone (lover, good friend, gymmate,...)
- not enemy please because that's way too easy for me

2. Get my chest and shoulders built
- no nu-bra and shoulder pat please.

3. Pass actuarial exam(s)
- start studying, don't only say congrats to ppl who pass for the free celebration lunch.

P/S: i hope they are specific enough, though I left lots of rooms for No.1 haha.


明掠影 said...

which gym center do u join ? if celebrity, then let's be my gym mate ( I'm offering u , u cant reject) ><

LAURENCE said...

happy new year~wish you have a wonderful 2011~

Danny said...

dun worry, i'll bless u with my big mouth power.. ;))

Caramonty said...

my new year resolution is to get more sleep...