Thursday, September 04, 2008

I hate making decisions

Life is full of decisions and I hate making them.

During my trip to the Kansas City, we went to an outlet mall. Of course, it was for shopping!!!

Adidas sports jacket $49.00 with 10% discount. I have been longing for a Adidas sports jacket for so long and I finally got the chance... Should I?

Black and Classy Guess Fall/Winter Jacket $49.00. Should I?


After thinking for so long, I finally chose...

Yes, I picked the Guess jacket $49 with L' Occitane Riz Rice Matte Fluid $23, Gap socks $6, Gap sleeveless sweater $15, Gap boxers $4, Tommy Hilfiger singlets $15, CK underwear $5, postcards and a Kansas shot glass (I collect shot glasses from states that I visit)



And also this pair of Nike running shoes $49

It's not a lot when they are cheaper at the outlet mall, rite?

P/S: 为人购物也可以是幸福的。


Chin Heng said...

Wah, after such a long day still got energy to blog arr? Where's Coldstone, thought i saw you taking picture?

Btw, what's L' Occitane Riz Rice Matte Fluid?

wayne said...

Chin Heng,
Our Coldstone ice cream pic ll b uploaded soon, if it is necessary.

L'Occitane Riz Rice Matte Fluid is a skincare product by this French company which is said to be good for oily skin as it mattfifies ur skis, making it moisturized but not oily.. It is recommended by a friend, so I just feel like giving it a try. Let me try this, and I will let u know since ur skin is oily too. wahaha

Danny said...


wayne said...

shopping 后算算花了多少就不幸福了。

小东 said...

All article value too cheaper?
especially brand of CK???

lcfu said...

i still remember my NIKE shoe bought in new york`s Macy* was only $39

wayne said...


mmm.. i almost bought another pair of nike shoes at $29...