Monday, December 25, 2006


MERRY CHRISTMAS !!! 圣诞节快乐!!!

first of all,i would like to thank leslie for inviting us to his house for a xmas eve party for the second time.

christmas presents... wow... n at the end, i got a photo album packed in a LV paper bag. overall, i prefer the LV paper bag more than the photo album bcoz wayne = vain
me, the couple (sin yin n hwee huat), n ben while waiting for the gift-exchange event

the father n the pregnant lady (joking.. haha)

2 christmas trees (the one dressed in green n the one decorated with a star) with the super lengloi.

To mj: sorry, the chance wasnt there. let's b patient. u shud noe wat i mean.

mj, me n a sleeping beauty.

wahh.. sweet.. shopping kaki reunion

i look so aggresive. the pregnant lady was possessed i think. haha

it's me, leng chai with a neckLESS clown. dun u think tat she looks like a clown with santa hat?

esther wishing everyone merry christmas! muacks.

P/S : thanks everyone. it's my final time of celebrating christmas with u before i leave for US.

i m gonna miss u all.

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