Saturday, December 09, 2006

jolin's concert 2006

bcoz i m poor, i bought the rm80 tickets n i hav to b there 2 hrs earlier due to it's free seating arrangement.

with ms wan bie. again, any events, my appearance presence ll always b accompanied by him.
but she is leaving nx year for UK soon. sob sob..

pirated jolin (lucky) n wan bie. how come wan bie looks like she was forced to take photo with the pirated jolin?

jolin 胸降大马!!!

her overall performance was fantastic.

jolin 不是天才, jolin 是变态 !!! tis is true.

so, i can also say tat wayne 不是天才,wayne 是变态!

however i still prefer a-mei concert. i always consider tat concert as the best of concerts tat i ever attended.

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