Monday, August 11, 2008





P/S: 要快乐哦。。。


Danny said...

this is my favorite picture of you..u look happy..
keep it US..and then come back.;)
very happy for you ;)

wayne said...

danny uncle,
i like this pic too. guess my recent mood suits u huh...
u gotta b happy for always too.

ida said...

wayne wayne!!!
NICE picture! loving it!!!

i totally agree with what you have said! i also wanna be happy and i am now happy being myself!! hehe ^^

hope you will always be happy, joyful and live life to fullness!!!

wayne said...

i m glad that u like it. let's be happy together. to make me happy, cook for me when we are back to US hehe...

Shawny said...

so many ppl comment edi u still wan me meh????
ok laa...
give good comment la~
*bahaving maself*
*ahem ahem*
some1 goin bck to US lik really soon..
although i noe u not long ago...
really appreciate da time v spent (although not many times of hanging out la~ blame nic nic for tat!!!)
n oso tryin to cheer me up when im not in good mood la...
thx for everything... :p
must always rmbr me when u bck in US ler...
hmm.. wat else to say ler???
all da best in US lo...
im sure u gonna hav a good time there~ vy fast u'll b bck in msia 1 la~
den v go out hiao again lo!!!
n horr~ jus a kindly reminder...
u gonna get me coach n ipod rite?? :p
thx 1st~
u ar da best u noe???

p/s: wat beach u go?? nv tell me pun!!!

Shinji said...

fyi, this is a comment, fullstop.

ida said...

haha.. you dare to eat my food meh...
i think your cooking skill is better than mine le..hahaha

wayne said...

thanks for ur essay.
as frens, we value heart more than anything.forget about coach and ipod.

fyi, this is a reply to ur comment.

u hav to cook to show me what u learned from ur mum during the summer.