Friday, August 29, 2008

Narita, Japan

Here it ends my summer break, and i have to fly back to US...
Kuala Lumpur -> Tokyo -> Seattle -> Denver -> Lincoln

I am sad to leave Malaysia, but I am happy to land in Japan!!!

Since we had 10 hours between my connecting flights in Japan, my housemate and I decided to get out of the airport and walked around with the temporary visa of 72 hours.

The airport staff told us that Narita, 成田 is a small town next the Narita Airport, Tokyo...

So, we took Kensei Line to Narita.


Narita is a small town, clean, peaceful and so unique.

Delicious sushis? No, they are candies.

There were so many food, baked rice snacks, mashmallow, n.... a lot more


We tried cold and hot sake... Hot sake was just too strong for a non-alcoholic student like me.. Cold sake was pretty nice..

我的至爱 -- 鳗鱼饭


Narita Temple, 成田山

圣水啊。。喝吧。 Just like mosque, we gotta wash our hands before entering the temple.

Oops, 有人 " gap loi " 被逮个正着



A super super super big lantern at the temple..




kawaii des wayne wayne... haha

Here it ends our less-than-one-day trip in Japan, and this is what i got when i took photos randomly in the airport...

And, Ida said this guy is super leng zai.... cheh.... He won't be yours anyway.


P/S: 什么时候再去日本好好旅行?其实,比较想去槟城。


Danny said...

good luck with studies and health there la...
i can't help but keep on thinking :
what's so special about PNG? hahahaha ;p

wayne said...

yes, 吉签。
thanks a lot. u gotta take care of urself too.

PNG is a special place to me though i havent really travelled there before.

Shawny said...

3 word for tis entry...
1 . jealous
2 . show off

wayne said...
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wayne said...

3 words for ur comment's reply...
1. lanxi
2. so what?

ian-ization said...

lol... Japan is a very nice place. Love Unagi too. =)

[ B a B y M e R V ] said...

already went to so many places but still not yet visited Penang?

sigh.... next trip when u r back to m'sia la!

heacp said...

Can you elaborate the procedures for applying the temporary visa?

1. What kind of documents are needed?
2. Is 72 hr the maximum length of time for visa of this type?
3. How much does it cost?
4. Where and who to talk to regarding applying for this kind of visa?

I'm malaysian too.