Sunday, May 18, 2008

My flying diary

Flying diary pulak.. it sounds like i m an aviator or steward.

The night before I started spending 30+ hours on flight and transit, I was not allowed to sleep though I was extremely tired after doing 5 finals in 1 week.

Thanks to Chin Heng, I was allowed to stay at his apartment after moving out from the dorm. However, the price was that he didnt allow me to sleep. We played RISK, it's a board game and I lose badly. haha...

Mei Wah, Jing Yean, Chia yi, and Chin Heng....

Mei Wah, Chin Heng and I are 慢热族。 可是三个在一起就很热了。。

Outside his apartment, before I went to the airport.

This is Lincoln Airport, a super small one.

Minneapolis Airport, big big big.....

My Northwest flights in Tokyo

Narita Airport, Tokyo. A lot of cute steward and stewardess..

Singapore Airport, I saw malays with tudung there. Almost home.. And, I watched Dream Girls while waiting for my next flight from 1.30am to 6am... gosh...

KLIA --- I m home, Nasi Lemak!!!


Shinji 家譽 said...

among the 4 of you guys, you the the most ___________ one.

i dunno how to fill in the blank, coz i'll either use 1 single word or tons of adjectives.


wayne said...

wat r u trying to say?

u tot this is funny or cute, is it?