Thursday, May 01, 2008

I love the sun

I am so happy that I can wear only a polo tee without jacket. The sun is here, it's so warm out there...

This pic was taken in the stadium of my university.. We passed by this place everytime we had our lunch in the athlete's dining area. I would say the food there is so much better than anywhere else.

With the great weather, of coz what we should do is shopping. We went shopping today in Southepoint.

One of my favorite food in the US - Mexican Restaurant, Chipotle's Fajita Burito. It's hot, filling, delicious... I think this food chain can do well in Malaysia since there's not much Mexican restaurant in Malaysia and the food is hot, which is great for Malaysians.

I spent a lot today, mainly for others...

I bought 2 old navy t-shirts for my naughty nephews, a lancome miracle magic perfume for my sis (she has been hinting it directly since last year), 1 shirt for muka tembok fren (sonnic) who asked for a gift before i offered that, 2 American Eagle perfumes for my hot chick frens, 2 shorts and a clinique face scrub for myself.

Also, chia yi's and my ipod touch-es are here today. However, life sucks.

Since my ipod touch is here before the silicone case reaches me, i decided not to use it... It's like having someone really hot (eg. Adriana Lima for men or lesbians, Andrea Lundin for girls or gays) ready to sleep with u, but oopss... u r out of condoms.

C' est la vie...

P/S: Spend lesser, do more charity like helping me financially. wahahaaa Guess I will hate the sun when I m back

Going home countdown: 9 days


Shinji 家譽 said...

one for you, and one for me?

thankQ you!

wayne said...

u mean the box?

or Adriana Lima and Andrea Lundin?

Shinji 家譽 said...

i mean the thing inside

Chin Heng said...

Wah Wayne, where's my gift? Hmm, Chipotle is also my favorite:) The chicken burrito is absolutely delicious *drooling*
p/s: If adriana lima is ready to sleep with you then just do it straight away no need condom!

Danny said...

dun worry..malaysian sun is on leave till Aug - according to the weather dept. ;)
is going thru the La Nina period here..

Chin Heng said...

Hey your condom is here now so you can start rocking with your adriana lima!

wayne said...

"keep dreaming, keep keep dreaming in love..." --- u dream more la..

oh great, the sun in malaysia is a killer.. it can kill my new, young, fresh, fair (i doubt so), wonderful skin.. so sun, pls go away. i dun wan an oily face with break outs...

chin heng,
yeah, i jz got the condom for my ipod. what i mean is the ipod case.. so today, i officially started using it... still exploring though.