Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring picnic at Warren's house

"Welcome home, sir," pink-leg maid (Ling Huey)

A bunch of Actuarial Science students posing in front of our program head, Warren Luckner's house.

Our cute, humorous and friendly Warren was giving away free gift cards.. He is really good and kind in grading our papers last semester.

I'm looking forward to be in his class again.

Of course, this little girl gained more attention than anyone except the pink legs. She is my Actuarial Science instructor, Sue's daughter.

In the whole afternoon, we were basically busy taking picture with her. How about the pink legs?

I did. I was acting shy, sitting next to the pink legs (Ling Huey's)

I guess her legs gained more attention than her face and height that day.

Going home countdown: 11 days


Chin Heng said...

Oh...you called tai ka che pink leg maid! Why din you put my being-abused picture up, and of course i still looked good in the pic while being abused...

Shinji 家譽 said...

maybe u shud try wearing that pinkie, would definately create a big big big shiokk~~

Danny said...

i can find for u pink n white stripes....or pink n white polka dots...but dunno can fit ur superlong supermodel leg or not la...

wayne said...

chin heng,
u always look great when u r back-facing me

omg... i jz knew that u hav pinkie fetish

thanks a lot. pls get a pair of those for me... i ll try it on soon