Friday, June 06, 2008

Being an intern

I have been working as an intern at the Actuarial Department for 1 week. So far, I did not do anything office boys do. I was assigned to work alone on a case which the GM wants our department to reconcile the data. I was blur most of the time.

At the meantime, I joked a lot with 大家姐 ling huey. We laughed like hell most of the time in the office.



It's me, Ruo Chean and 大家姐。 We talked bout a lot of stupid jokes. Other full time staff just beh tahan us most of the time since we laughed so loud.

The first day after work, 大家姐told me other interns seemed very good in socializing with full time staff but it's ok because both of us (from UNL) have the best fashion sense, wearing the best combination of formal wear with our astonishing height. haha...

I totally agree, 大家姐。

身为interns, 工作表现不重要,最重要打扮得好看。哈哈。。我们赢了!虽然我的穿着有点高调:苹果青粉蓝色桃红色粉红色衬衫配细领带,可是只要不过分就好。I am happy that I finally could use my Kenneth Cole Reaction messenger bag that I bought from US.


After getting so tired at my workplace, this is what I saw when I was home on the first day. The metrosexual and bitch sticked all the stickers they had on their faces and feet and thought they were so-called "Ah bu ne ne"

Sometimes, we just can't comprehend what others are thinking..
Sometimes, we also can't comprehend what we are thinking too..



Chin Heng said...


Danny said...

ur big sista is kind of pretty..with her natural look..;)

n ur M & B, damn... they are full of surprises..but gd to cheer up people ;)

ganbade la

wayne said...

chin heng,
of coz i m pro and smart!

my big sister is tall and she has some kind of 气质. The M & B are always cute.. enjoy ur trip.

Chin Heng said...


wayne said...

哎。。。 酱都被你识破。。