Saturday, April 19, 2008

My job

This is where I work, or probably more accurately, where I earn money for watching youtube shows, as a residents hall desk assistant. Oh ya, I was watching Project Runway that night while chatting and checking other's blogs. So, Basically, my workload is very heavy.
I've got the best job on campus according to my friends. The reasons are:
1. I have a super friendly and nice supervisor.
2. The work load is so HEAVY (Youtube-ing, chatting, blogging, tv, ringing...)
3. I get paid for watching Youtube shows and tv shows.
4. This is the only on campus job that provides tv to its student workers.
5. I work alone on the shift most of the time.

What I hate the most is doing mails and packages which includes logging, forwarding, and checking them against rosters. But I do like to slack in the mailroom.

Behind my desk is a stupid board open for art work display... but then, it has been totally messed up by some stupid University Football slogan, "GO BIG RED!" and so it's red...

To be ashamed of, I was the one who was asked to put those things on due to my height..

As you know Americans like to bullshit, you gotta be hypocrite, talk to them and even ask "how's it going?", "what do you think bout the decorations on the board?", "do you think it looks better?" no matter how bad ur mood is...

So when my supervisor asked me, "do you think the board looks better now?"

I was like.. "Yea, I like it... It's so much better now. What a great idea!"

What I was thinking was actually "GO BIG RED! , here RED, there RED, why don't you put your used tampon or red Victoria's Secret bras on..." haha....

Working at nite is great since nobody will be around, bothering me with stupid questions and requests..

Since nobody is around, then I can cam whore... haha. Big face pulakk.. Blame it on the fattening American food.


Danny said...

m looking for job where i am on holiday everyday and still get ah?

btw, the bulletine board...impact is bigger if the base in black...more energy and power...haha...die die want to comment on ppl'e work ;p

Shinji 家譽 said...

easy money huh??? and what a nice working environment!!! i mean, at least better than mine, which is getting messier and messier from day to day....

wayne said...

u can talk to my supervisor. haha... but, who cares bout the bulletin board..

rite after i wrote this post, i found that my workload is so heavy today... so much mails to distribute jz bcoz of some stupid fella who didnt show up when he was supposed to work.

so i didnt watch a single episode of show today. sad..:(

Anonymous said...

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::: 月圓月缺 ::: said...

really easy job...
enjoying + earning