Tuesday, August 08, 2006

before US history exam

studied till siao.. but luckily i managed to get tips from ICM. haha.

i was so stressed today. i had to prepare essay outlines based on those tips that i got since i had agreed with bh, julian, dav that v would work in a group for the exam but i still havent finished it by now. i hav to finish it b4 the next morning.

feeling stressed, i turned my monitor on, n u were online. u paged me, i began to chat with u since i wanted to release my stress. initially, i planned to chat only half an hour which was from 1.30am to 2am. somehow i couldnt stop once i started. hehe. i m too keh poh.

we hav known each other for few weeks but v had nv chatted that much as today. i told u my problem, u r really a good listener. surprisingly, u had experienced the same problem before. n v came to a conclusion, 'not to get into a relationship too fast'.

haha. quite true. my god.. it was already 3am when i realized that it was time to stop n continue with my US history study.

i finally finished the essay outline by 5.30am. cool.. feel like saying good morning to my mum at 6, hehe. but i decided to go on bed now. knowing someone who had the same problem with me is warm. but i hav to remind myself, do not make the same mistake again. let's take it slow.

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