Sunday, August 13, 2006

I M FREED !!! holiday!!!

i had accounting n linear algebra exams on the last day. yeah yeah~~~!!!

the linear algebra exam was freaking tough. somehow our admirable hui chin managed to b the first to finish it half an hour before time was up. wow~ i used the whole duration given (3hrs) but still couldnt finish all. haha.. tat's the difference between a genius and an ordinary guy.

after the exam, ziyu cried. come on la.. it was jz an exam, pls nv cried for exams nor results, dun waste ur powerful tears. pls leave it to con men. haha..

after the exam, as suggested, v went to the curve for a dinner.
somehow, ziyu + daphne were sick.. cham.. v had to choose a chinese restaurant so that she could hav something mild to eat.

all of us ordered 'cheese baked rice'. hmm, not bad although it didnt tast very good. since i was too hungry, i managed to finish the whole bowl of rice.v chatted till 10.15pm n dav fetched me back. haha. feel so sorry, we were there for the belated bday celebration of dav but then i still troubled him to fetch me back. haha

tonite wat i anticipated the most was to continue chatting with u, but i couldnt. u werent there. tat was sad. i was forced to get on bed at 1am. sighh. also good la, i was tired after burning midnite oil for 2 nites straight.

good nite. let's pray that the nx nite ll come as fast as possible.

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