Wednesday, October 25, 2006

lecturer or friend?

Well… it’s almost the end of this short semester.

LOOK at this, he is really helpful that he is willing to b one of our model in our newsletter assignment of another subject. Also, he is the advisor of the volleyball club n he volunteers to sponsor volleyballs which cost him about 300. $$$$

After spending 7 weeks with our lovely ACC202 lecturer – mr. poobalan. My frens n I found that v love him so much more than b4.

He is really kind. I mean kind in giving tips n helping us in our tests. That’s the best a lecturer can giv, rite?

Not all lecturers can pose like him.

He even invited us to his house on deepavali. Wow… I have nv been to any lecturer’s open house event.

Somemore, an ‘ang pow’ is given n the amount is not small. Thanks so much

Now, I feel so sorry for ‘bullying’ u in class. as u can c, i even helped david to style his hair in his class. haha... feel so sorry for showing so much irrespect to him. but he doesnt mind as it is jz a tutorial session. Anyway, u r always the best lecturer!!!

v love u!

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