Wednesday, October 25, 2006

入得厨房,出得厅堂 = Rachel 姐

Rachel Yong – the only girl in my newsletter assignment group.
As she is the only girl in my group, she is in charge of the recipe part.

Her self-made konyaku jellies… were presented to us on Friday.

Tis semester, the assignment really brought us closer, n v got to know each other better.. especially in doing bak chi thing. Thanks for asking me to join volleyball club though I m a lousy player.

P/S : too sweet la.. somemore, I think my sis’s jellies r better than urs. Bleh~..

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Chel Chel said...

Tan Jian Wei, you too much wei... SO bad... I thought it was a compliment until I saw the p/s... sad lah... Btw, the sweetness really not totally my fault lah... It's the powder and the juice lah... So bad, you post like this, no guys will believe in my jellies or cooking already lah... Cham lah... You wait till I meet you I tell you...