Saturday, December 22, 2007

when u're gone...

this is whitney... who was waiting to go back to malaysia from unl, flying to denvor, los angeles, taiwan and finally malaysia.

can u guess what were in her luggage? guitar hero !!! she jz bought 1 for her sister.
and of coz, there was a xmas card and presents that i asked her to bring it back for me.

THANK YOU, our dearest whitney...

this was not at the airport, it was the hallway of selleck hall, outside whitney's room.

we are nebraskans~~~ huskers rock!

don't you think our pose was so weird? let me show u who we were immitating.

it was my idol - 小S

the couple - ida and whitney...

and chiayi who was the photographer for the previous pics

whitney, we r gonna miss u. i hope u ll meet ur favorite 小猪on the plane.

haha... this is for u, isn't it touching?

whitney, can u c how important u r, to us? so pls bring as much malaysian food as possible back to unl.

without you and ida (who flew to LA later), the dorm and my room is so quiet... haha...

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