Tuesday, December 18, 2007

gimme more~

since our dearest whitney cannot understand chinese, i m gonna write in english, just for her~

i finally understood and experienced how scarcity increases demand. instant noodles are kinda scarce here, not to mention curry and some special flavors from msia and korea.

it is called 'sao da' noodles brought by whitney from msia. it's so hot and spicy, and the noodles r so delicious. yummy.

however, 4 of us gotta share a bowl of noodles. of course, we wouldn't have forgotten to take a pic.

As the photographer, my reward was to finish the noodles. yummm...


honestly, i have gained 3-4 kg since i have been here. i m sorry guys.

this is how the dining hall looks like.

ida and jing yean both holding their couple cups.

ah... this is how i look when i saw someone carrying sponge bob around the uni.


P/S: i'll have my CBA receptionist interview tmr.. good luck to myself. whitney, what's for tonite's supper?


okaywhy said...

What an illustrated economics lesson.

wayne said...

yes u r rite, sir.

the best way of learning a lesson is to experience it