Thursday, December 20, 2007

the interview was so scary

interview is scary, it's scary!!! arh~~~

i woke up so early at 10am to show up for my interview appointment for CBA receptionist.

my first time of being interviewed by 3 top officers of the undergraduate advising office.

they tried to act friendly though they looked so serious.

and my heart was pumping so loud as if they could hear it.

anyway, i don't think i can get the job due to my bad communication skills and my timetable actually clashes with the working hours. my god.

other than that, i was stunted when i was asked to define "detail-oriented"

oh shit~~~

what is that!?

i was so honest that i answered, "i don't know the exact meaning of the term, but i ll try my best to define it,....... (and i started to crap)"

and then, they asked me few more questions and tried to imply the meaning to me.

though i don't think i'll get the job, i did learn something. it was an awesome experience!!!

P/S: jian wei tan, don't give up! look for other on-campus jobs!

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