Saturday, December 22, 2007

michael's place

gosh i love kimchi so much.. yummy!!!..

i was invited to Micheal's apartment for a dinner before he flies back to korea for the winter break tmr. this is what michael cooked for us. korean friend rice, walnut rice, korean stir fried beef, and kimchi from oriental mart.

other than that, he also cooked pork steak with butter. it's so crispy and tasty.

his appearance doesnt tell us that he is such a good cook.

he had never cooked until he left korea and stayed in a single-room apartment himself. i wonder whether i can cook when i move out from the dorm.

let's c. hehe

his apartment was basically in the style of retro. his clock and furnitures looked like antiques which were really nice and neat.

da da! this is her costume for halloween party which we said he was a gay when we saw him wearing this to the class.

since i had a chance to try it, why not? probably it can be useful for cosplay. hehe

i wonder whether a man wearing a skirt is enough to "potong steam"

here we go, the nebraskan scotish with the musical instrument.

trying to be a traditional scotish rock star

thanks to jing yean, the video is in this way.

anyway it's enough to show how talented i m.

sorry guys, i was jz bullshitting jz now. michael is so talented.

he learned opera vocal, piano and some musical instruments before..

good man, out for grab!

my dear female friends who are single, go ahead!

after watching the movie, bruce almighty, it's everyone of us~

front: chia yi and me

back: jing yean(the worst camera man), michael, yurika and mayu (both japanese), and a korean couple (bumsoo and his wife)


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