Wednesday, December 19, 2007


i have just done my C programming and statistics exams. i m so happy...

we went to the Westfield mall since whitney wanna buy some nebraska t-shirts for her brother.

due to the unavoidable weather change and my unexpected breakouts (though it happens almost everyday, i would still say it is unexpected).

i bought a cleanser, scruffing lotion, m-gel lotion, and eye gel.

since my dark circles and eye puffiness are getting out of control, i really have to spend some to rescue myself.

even my dad was frightened when he saw me on webcam. i m sorry for making u in trauma, dad. it's my fault and i know i gotta spend ur money to buy those stuff to get u out of the trauma.

so, pls forgive me for spending, it's for ur own good.. hehe

it's so worthy! other than applying it on my face. i can pose with it.

what a multi-functional skincare product.

though clinique products are cheaper here compare to malaysia, the promoter was so stingy. hmm... she only gave me some scrup wash, packed in a take-away sauce container.

but she is so friendly.. haha..

P/S: those who are in malaysia, do u want me to get u some skincare products from here when i m goin back? it's cheaper here.

feel free to tell me so that i can earn some human-courier fees.

mr. sonnic, dun jealous... i might buy for u if u beg me. hmm....

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MyJourney said...

Hey fren..u sing clinique?hw is it?take me som if realy cheaper than msia^^