Sunday, December 02, 2007

japan night 07

i haven't been travelling in Japan though i spent few hours in Narita Airport while waiting for my next flight.

finally, i had a chance to be there. 拥抱日本

christine with the smart guy, wayne holding traditional japanese umbrella after dancing for the song - umbrella by rihanna.
my umbrella.. ella ella ella el el el el...

the best umbrella dancing diva of the night - jing yean. what a disgusting shot. i m wondering whether my camera is still ok.

back to the past - modern + traditional ladies playing the musical instrument. i don't think they know how to play. haha... ban ye.

this is the appetizer of the night. sushi. yeah! it's prawns or shrimps (what americans call them).
i love it man!

here comes the main dish of the night. i love it man!

my table - micheal, jing yeang, christine, wayne, a korean who can speak chinese, chia yi, chin heng.

those whom i hang out the most with in UNL: blur ida, whitney (my model - i picked her dress, shoes for her that night), chia yi, wayne and umbrella dancing diva - jing yean.

this is what they mean by commitment.

how bout the performance of the night? who cares? haha... all i wanted was food. to chia yi, all he wanted was AV since i told him that there ll be japanese AV show (what japanese are famous for) during japan night.

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