Thursday, December 20, 2007

tragedy - how influential is exam stress?

before i came here, i never really noe how much stress can affect a person. and, on the last nite before our last final, i finally found out.

this is the nerd who looks so innocent with his 'gayish' eyes... and the the terrible hair.

look at his fringe... urgh...

before the final, he was still mentally sound.. but not now anymore..

i always think that stress makes a person eat more.. so, as expected, this is what happened to me. not only eating regular meals, but tissues and leftover as well..

while studying, we had kimchi korean noodles. it was awesome.

korean food that have been americanized...

i miss the time when we studied together at the basement, having fun, gossiping, while studying at the same time.

P/S: cope with exam stress, everyone

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