Monday, March 17, 2008

Skiing (3/17/08) on St. Partick's Day

It snowed very heavily this morning.

Dont' know why, this picture looks like a pencil hand-drawn pic.

Getting uphill was not easy, but I m not the driver. So, who cares. haha..

A frozen lake for dam. nice nice. dun b jealous, ok?

It was so cold outside the van, yet it was so hot inside. Our hottest chicks, jing yean and princess ida were acting cute with their "lotus fingers" (莲花指).

It took 2 hours to get to the skiing resort, I took super model's sunglasses and cam hor.

Eldora!!! This was where I skied...

Professional is always lonely.. i know. that's why i m not professional and surrounded by whole bunch of beginners.

Again, I was fully equipped. With Phani, haha... I m so much taller than him. haha... (Not being offensive, sorry)

Call me a professional skier please. I noe I look like one. haha


I am proud to tell everyone that I skied with Cyclops.. His goggle can kill.

With super model, while taking the shuttle bus to a skiing place for beginners.

I saw this St. Patrick's skier.... what a freak.

We spent some time setting up the things for picture, but then they fell after we shouted.. We didnt know what happened. was our shout that powerful?

i was bullied.... mum, help me.

All in a sudden, the weather became so foggy that we could hardly see anything while skiing downhill. that was thrilling.

I took the ski lift with ida.... her hat is cute, rite? that's mine. i bought a new hat at usd 4.00 at a nearby shop. that was so cheap!!!

Ida kicked chia yi off the ski lift.

Falling from the ski lift, Chia yi was barely alive (joking).

Ready to go? skiing downhill was scary yet fun at the same time. I did a wonderful stop like a professional. too bad, nobody captured that. but i can still remember the crazy and exciting shouts of mine n others.. wohoo...

other than ski lift, we could choose to hold a "carrot" to get uphill. Once u reached the top by "carrot", u gotta get away from the unloading site asap. otherwise u will b like ida...

haha... she was dragged like a corpse just to clear the unloading site. haha


Sonia (Taiwan), Takol (Hong Kong), LongChoo, super model, ling huey and me (Malaysia)

Sonia dressed up like an astronaut. haha... funny

Jie ying (the one in cream color) was so pro that she almost didnt fall at all.

当我回到host 的家时,才发现我又忘了像电影情节般把戒指脱下,往山下丢。。


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