Sunday, March 16, 2008

Snowshoeing (3/16/08)

Sunday morning, we went to a church. It was big... Though i m not a Christian, I don't mind learning more about Christianity. You will never know which faith you wanna hold in the future.

After the churhc service, we headed to the Estes Park for snowshoeing. Other than a whole bunch of Malaysians, we had an Indian PhD student, Phani with us.

雪山啊。。。 可怜的肥人,看到了没? 雪山啊。。哈哈 (开个小玩笑啦)

Nice picture! I look good in it, isn't it? with Sonia (from taiwan), 世界超级无敌顶尖名模 woei jye and 大家姐 ling huey (Malaysians) .

This nice pic was taken by the super model. Thanks super model.

Another nice pic with sonia... I look cute. yeah!!!

I had not idea what snowshoeing was until I wore them... They made me a transformer - Optimus Prime (blue + red).

Wohoo.. Fully equiped. Of course with the sunglasses... I had no special feeling of wearing them though they were a present from my ex. Is it a good sign? I hope so.

Don't you think i look very pro?

Crossing a frozen river...

A whole bunch of Optimus Primes from Malaysia and Taiwan.

With our super model....

Our Selleck gang without Whitney (who was in Los Angeles)... Whitney, we miss you. It was snowing very heavily though.

under the tree... guess what we did?

We did what Bobo Chan and Edison Chan did!!!

As we snowshoed for so long, Bobo finally got hungry and he wanted to have my banana.. So, for the sake of friendship, i gave him... shy...

Have u seen Bollywood movie taken place in snow? Now you see!

my 3-day hostmate, LongChoo.

I just can't stop camhoring..

The snow was very heavy and we gotta climb harder as the snow was getting thicker. look at my struggling expression.

Cool pic. 4 of us on jing yean's glasses. his skin is not so bad anyway.

The best of the day was the Chinese buffet dinner that we had at the end of the day. I have not been tasting fresh shrimp, lala, oysters for so long...

So, i ate like crazy.... so does our super model... that's the true self of a super model, i think. haha.


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