Saturday, January 13, 2007


天才神童及格了。。。 過關了。。。(自戀) when i first saw my candidate id on the screen, i shouted hysterically.. gosh!!! i was crazy. i couldnt believe tat i passed my first pro paper. i think it was all bout luck. i could still remember on nov 29, 2006, i was very down after taking the exam bcoz there were about 10 questions tat i wasnt sure of my answers.

i nv expected myself to b able to pass the first SOA actuarial science paper. thank god, my one-month effort of confining myself for self-study pays. yeah!!!

i m one step closer to my dream of becoming rich. hehe. 單身貴族。

yesterday i got a philosophy necklace! yeah.. i heard tat philosophy is the favorite brand of metrosexuals. haha. bcoz all the things tat it has is really vain. yes, i m wayne = vain. i m one step closer to become a metrosexual. haha, but not sissy pls...
most of the people hav a misperception tat metrosexuals (guys with a strong fashion sense who care for their apperances) r sissy or girlish. it might b partially true but not all metrosexuals r sissy. for example, japanese n korean guys even trim their eyebrows.
so, i m proud to say tat i use cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask, scrup, hair mask n ... i believe tat making sure our appearance is great is a positive attitude. 打扮自己是尊重自己。
i m a metrosexual. haha. but since i m still in malaysia, i m still having a student look. haha. simple n clean.

u might ask, "wat's so special bout it?" YES, it's very sepcial, my name is carved on it!!!!

since my name wasnt as common (or a better word, pasar) as names like david, ken, n ..., no necklace with my name is displayed in the boutique, n it has to b ordered a week earlier.

THANKS for giving me a 狗牌, i ll find my way home even if i m lost nx time.

when i m happy, of coz i ll snap a photo of myself. bcoz i m a self-indulged person. syok sendiri.

P/S: 有人說我很常說加油﹐很悶。但我還是要說。很快又三個月了﹐考試也及格了﹐學院也開學了﹐我們都要加油。

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