Monday, January 01, 2007

1U countdown party

where to countdown? bukit bintang? klcc? the curve?
oh.. it's 1U

GHOST !!! mj, it's already the last day of 2006. pls dun give us such a big shock.

finally, fire works... it's already my final time of celebrating new year in malaysia before i leave for US.. guess i m gonna miss everything here, including the hot weather.

HAPPY NEW YEAR... hot, n u can c how oily my face is.

happy new year... with stupid things on my shoulders n hair.


P?S: happy new year... i ll treasure every last festivals n celebrations i have here before i leave. thanks my frens.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I went to 1U too, enjoyed being sqeezed amidst thousands of fresh female fleshes... AhhHhh...

Guess what? I saw chen peng!

wayne said...

chen peng in 1u? weird..

mayb that's the problem, i saw so many ppl who r not supposed to b present in 1u but sungai wang instead. haha.. guess u get wat i mean.

mr okaywhy, y didnt u call us? v could hav celebrated together.

u wont hav the chance to do so in year 2007.