Saturday, January 06, 2007

neway timesquare 大展歌喉

it has been long time that v have not been singing k together... finally, v met again at neway, timesquare after i had lunch with chris n z.yuan. wao... wat a bz friday. however, i coughed while singing almost every songs. terrible.

it's ms yz with me. i m really proud to hav a chance of taking pic with the "BEST" female singer of our gang.. she can sing any songs no matter she heard of it b4 anot. she will sing along when u r singing. haha.. it's really FUN to sing with her

it's 4 of us again. ben, charmain, yz n me. v spent more than 10mins after our session was finished in the room jz to take photos. haha

of coz i ll take another photo with the BEST female singer. hehe..

overall, it was fun but other frens like wh, mj n ah ting weren there.. miss u guys.

P/S: hope tat v ll hav another chance of singing together soon.

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