Saturday, July 22, 2006

aup ball aftermath

i woke up at 7am bcoz bh's room was too cold. he didnt giv me a blanket n i had to squeeze myself into a shirt to cover my legs. my godd.. i was so tired but i couldns stand the cold. i was tortured!!!

as i tot that after having the prep course class from 9-1pm, i could finally go home n slept like a dead body, but i couldnt. i had an american history court trial meeting after that. sad...

it was raining, i was so sleepy. i hoped it could b done within 1 or 2 hrs. but, NO! the meeting ended at 6.30pm. my god. it was like killing me. anyway, i did enjoy in the meeting. i got the chance to voice up my opinions bout how to counter the prosecutor's Qs (i m in the defence group). i even told my groupmate bout wat i learned from being a red-crescent society member, n it helped! bcoz i was the only person who knew the difference between red-crescent n red-cross society. hehe...

today, u went back to melaka. i wished i could follow u too. be careful dear. u were starving when u sms me. my god, pls take good care of urself n nv take 'keep fit' as a reason, ok? starving is really bad for our health. as a person who always get gastric, i know it very well.

i was really tired, let's sleep.

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