Tuesday, July 18, 2006

birthday aftermath

beng hui's bday was over. but the effect was still here.

today after 12pm, ray, beng hui n i went to pyramid again as ray said tat v shud ask beng hui to choose a shirt himself for the AUP ball n oso as his belated present. as i tot that there was 50% discount in topshop, v first entered topshop. n ray chose a very very nice shirt for beng hui which cost rm149(jealous lee..)

after trying few shirts, he decided on one of the shirt which i love very much despite its freakin high price. anyway, bout 10 persons sharing his present, so shud b ok la.. i was broke!!! i got no money to buy my a new shirt for tat ball. i tried to save money to buy a camera as i hav been thinking of it for long time.
but then, dav has to collect the shirt at 1U branch since there was no more size S in the pyramid branch.

nvm la.. for our big bro beng hui who treat me very good, fetching me to pyramid, to ktm station almost everyday. that's wat u deserved!

checking mail, u sounded like u were in a dillema. u didnt know wat to do, whether to change ur course or to study at another college. reading ur mail, i had a same feeling of how felt when i was choosing whether to continue with my law studies or to begin with my actuarial science studies. finally, i made a decision tat time n i m still happy with it. i hope tat u can think seriously, dun come to inti jz bcoz of my presence(perasan). anyway, i ll b leaving by august 2007 n u cant c me there anymore. think seriously, if ur financial situation is not a problem, let's make the best decision. anyway, talk to ur sis n mum. then only u make decision.

dream of me? i hope i can dream of u too. hehe ---sweet---

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