Thursday, July 20, 2006

impromptu speech

oh no!!! i had my impromtu speech today!!!

i was so nervous n helpless bcoz i couldnt do anything to prepare but pray!

as i entered the class, i was still calm since i would b the 12th which is the 2nd last to present as picked yesterday.
n, it started. the first person was asked to choose a number, n a topic was given. the person was given 5mins to prepare outside the classroom with a table n a chair.

after 1 hr, it was my turn. i picked no.10. actually i wanted to pick no.14 since it was my bday date but sathia had chosen it. n, no.10 gives me a topic of PATRIOTISM.

walao ehh. apa ni? wat a dry topic.
as i stepped out from the classroom, wat was on my mind was "negaraku.. tanah tumpah ia darah ku" - the national anthem. so, i decided to start my speech with national anthem to stunt my classmates n lecturer.

having a an interesting starting, i started to think bout my specific purpose of this speech.. ok, let it b.. "to inform my audience as to why malaysians like us are not patriotic" i was distracted, sitting outside a classroom with a table n chair was so weird!!! it made me thought of the punishment tat primary school teachers usually used by the time i was still a primary school student. those who didnt finish their homework would b asked to do their homework n sit outside the classroom. it was so embarassing when i was doin my outline of the speech. the students stared at me from the taylor's bulding. also, inti students of the nex class who were having their break stared at me. my goddd...

after preparing 2 points with a poor conclusion, it was my turn to present.

as i sang the national anthem, everyone burst out laughing. n then i continued my speech. however, there was 1 idiot who kept showing the facial expression of uneasy, couldnt understand. he really brought my confidence down. n i stopped quite a few times. blur. haha finally done.

as i tot tat my marks would b terrible, i got 20/25 in fact !!! yeahh.. my lecturer was really too kind to me compare to others. wat a lucky day.

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