Friday, July 21, 2006

aup ball

i had my acc test b4 the ball. it was not easy.

then, i followed beng hui back to his house since i couldnt reach the ball on time if i were to go home. after 30-min
ride, v finally reached his house in bukit tinggi,klang. not bad, quite spacious as the house is only for 4ppl.

then, v prepared, bathed (of coz separately), set our hair. but then b4 the ball, my fren received a msg from his gf, telling that the necklace that he gav her as a present was broken. i asked him to call his gf to scold her for not taking care of it(haha, jz try to make fun). but, he answered very seriously, "i worry now. i broke up with my ex few days after the necklace i gave her was broken." MY GOD, i m stupid. i was so sorry tat i told nonsense. i tried to comfort him by telling tat it was jz a coincidence. not a problem, dun worry.

then, he 'disappeared' from the room, to call her gf, i guess. after bout 15mins, he was done, n v left his house to holiday villa, subangjaya. he even showed me his ex's pic b4 v left his house. frankly, her current gf is prettier despites his endless comments saying tat his gs is not very pretty!!!

my shirt was very loose, not fit at all (no $ to buy, jz simply borrowed it from bro - cham... haha). the shirt looked very terrible on me compare to beng hui's shirt - fit, nice, stylish. but i hav a stud!!! haha. the stud is shinny, n i guess it was the main attraction of me. hehe...

as v reached there, i love the victorian ballroom so much. the scenery there was terribly nice, heavenly designed. my god..n i saw kuhan, with his new hairstyle - highlighted blonde hair. but he didnt really spike it up, so it looked kinda weird (sorry, kuhan. i jz dun wanna lie). i was shocked when i saw hui ching. my god, she was really brave enuf to wear tat dress. the dress was nice, n most important, it was kind explosive. haha.. let's c how it was in these pics.

tonite, i got to know how funny those girls are, hui ching, esther, daphne, zi yu, n bee khim. the food were jz soso.. when i was eating, beng hui n i were requested to accompany those girls to go to the carpark since xiao wei's shoe's belt was broken. so hot. when we were finally back from the carpark, i kept on eating, trying to make my rm72 worth more than that.

the performances especially the break dance was fantastic! so ying!!! tat crazy hui ching even wanted to marry tat guy (urgh...) those video clips were very interesting too, especially the self-made INTItial D movie. i think i ll really get involved in performances nx yr. really, i miss my time of organizing big events in high school so much. during the mystery gifts sessions,although i got nothing, but my fren - beng hui got it! yeah!!! hui ching got it too. then jian wei also got it. but, it was loh jian wei , not tan jian wei. haha. so sad. he even showed off in front of me. haha b4 the ball started its dancing session, a short vidoe clip paying tribute to ms khor(AUP director) was played. it was really touching, ms khor even cried for tat. although i had nv taken his psychology class, i know tat she is really friendly, kind from our casual conversation. i would rather call her my friend than my lecturer.

with grace, beng hui

with jenn ho n beng hui

as the dancing session started, v went out n took several stupid photos. v even imitated a sculpture. funny. tis was when i knew more bout my classmates. really happy. suddenly, esther said her butterfly pin was lost, so did beng hui's camera's cover!!! so, v went to the carpark again, looking for it. n then to the garden, ballroom, toilet, n even the lift. finally beng hui got the butterfly pin in the garden. after few minutes, v got beng hui's camera's cover in the ballroom. yeah!!! wat a lucky but tiring nite.

i tooke a photo with muhe too. after that, she went away.

with muhe, the stalker

with ah beng, i slept at his house tat nite.

the gang of our table + esther

stupid photo taken at the entrance with a 'not-so-tall' guy.

i was surprised tat how could she only take 1 photo with me since she oledi ordered me to take a lot of photos with him tat nite. in fact, she stalked me AS USUAL. whenever i hav a presentation n i dress up in formal, she stalks me.

i was stalked by muhe

then v left the ball at 12.30am, heading to a mamak for yam cha. i ordered banana juice shake. wat a weird drink! i ordered it as it was recommended by zi yu n her bf, eugene. n so, v talked craps, cold jokes, dirty jokes, IQ games until 3am. i was surprised tat esther n daphne knew quite a lot of dirty jokes. haha. i finally knew their true self.

then beng hui n i reached his home at 3.30am. i fell on the matress nx to beng hui's bed n slept. but, it was so cold as beng hui didnt giv me a blanket other pillow. his mum was not there n he didnt know where it was. so unlucky.

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