Sunday, July 23, 2006

the day b4 trial

i slept from 10pm - 7am. but i still got a headache. a very serious 1. it was with me troughout the whole day. mayb bcoz i really slept too much. haha.

during the break time of the prep course, hui ching, esther, zi yu, dav, bh n i went to baker's cottage n all in a sudden they decided to buy a chocolate cake n share it in the class. haha. another crazy act. the staff cut it into 6 pieces n put them in separate boxes.

as i tot there was no meeting today, i was very happy tat i could go back n continue hibernating. but!!! the meeting was still on. v waited n waited at the concourse. so, v ate our cakes n even took a photo of all those slices of cakes with our six of our hands.

then, v decided to go somewhere for our lunch. they suggested SS2, tomyam.. n huiching even suggested my favorite tomyam seafood noodles at segambut. my god, i love the seafood tom yam mee so much. but it is very expensive, about rm13 for 1 bowl. after discussing for very long time (wat an undecisive gang), v finally went to asia cafe which is jz at the opposite of our coll. haha...

all of us ordered spicy pan mee as v were so crazy n long for spicy food tat afternoon. n, i rained, very very heavily. the roof was leaking n v had to shift to the next table jz bcoz of tat. after eating, v even chatted for almost 1-1.5 hr b4 v went back to coll for the meeting. haha.

as v were back at coll, they were finalizing everything. i jz helped up a bit. n talked craps hehe..

reaching home, i couldnt sleep yet. i still had to prepare my shirt, pants n everything to make myself look like an iraqi soldier. i also needed to prepare bandage for chong yih (dick chainie).

tired + headache.

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