Wednesday, July 12, 2006

the unforgettable nite

i was dying yesterday, for my public speaking assignment n presentation. as i had to start practising, i sms n told u it was the time to stop chatting for a while.

actually i felt quite soli at that time, i hope that u can understand my reasons of doing tat. at my current point of life, studies is everything for me. no matter wat happen, i wouldnt giv up (despites when some entertainments like singing k that outweigh books haha..) i can nv compromise with any obstacles that might pull me back or stop me from moving on.

so, practising till 1am in front of the mirror, i finally satisfied with my gestures, tone, n speed of talking. i was so happy tat i could finally continued chatting with u. it was a wonderful nite. the weather was jz wat i like the most. it was after rainning, so uncomfortable besides its humidity. i love it so much.

as before i told u tat it was time to go on bed, u sent a sms to me. the sms was still in my hp now. i love it so much. it was the first time of mine feeling so warm, n sweet, really. it surprised me, nevertheless, made me into a very very very happy mood. as i was so worry bout wat would happen in the future, this sms told me tat those worries were jz too much. telling u tat i would b leaving for US nx yr, i really thought that everything would jz end. from ur sms, i could c tat u were kind of upset, but i didnt know wat to do.

it was until i consulted my fren, my buddy bout this, "y would u wanna start a relationship at this time as u know tat u ll b leaving for US nx yr. dont u afraid the distance might pull both of u further apart?"

his answered firmly, "if u had faith in urself n also herself, nothing would hinder u from doing so. u nv know wat ll happen in the future, y dun v giv it a try? let's say, if both of u finally overcome it, doesnt ur relationship bcome more precious? if unfortunately, it ends as it is murdered by distance, u ll hav no regret. anyway, b ready to let go if anything really happen during that period of separation."

n then this funny guy, ended his "speech" with a chinese song "ni na me ai ta, wei shen me bu ba ta liu xia? wei shen me bu shuo xin di hua? ni shen ai ta... which is ‘‘ 你那么爱他,为什么不把他留下,为什么不说心底话? 你深爱他。。。’’ translated version: "u love her/him so much, y dun u ask her to stay? y dun u tell her wat u think? u love her so much."

god... true. thanks, buddy. u really taught me a lot.

therefore tat nite, i didnt hesitate at all to reply u, telling u wat i thought. wat a sweet nite! it was my first time of encountering with imsonia due to over 'syok', really. lying on the bed since 1am, i only slept at 3.30am ( who cares bout the presentation ?!" ). i couldnt stop myself from replying ur msgs although i was really tired at tat time. i reread ur msgs, smiling.. again n again. SYOK SENDIRI! n, u were doin the same thing. haha!!! this was the chemistry.

on the nx day, i was so energetic to present my speech. n i got a good feedback too, the whole class including the lecturer burst of laughing when i ridiculed myself. hehe. i didnt mind. n i got 20/25!!! improved!!!

thank u, my source of inspiration.

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