Sunday, July 23, 2006

court trial

i looked so weird in soldier pants + dark green body-fit t-shirt. but, no choice, i m an IRAQI SOLDIER(witness)!
i looked even thinner in tat body fit shirt. my god, i felt like being a 'lala' when i actually wore tat soldier pants of my bro. although he bought it from three-point-six, i felt tat it was so LALA n i beginned to doubt his fashion sense.

as i reached the coll, i dashed into the toilet to put on my bandage n draw a scar on my face.

as the trial started, i could c a very big difference between our team n the opposite team. 6 of our members + 1 lawyer wore coat n looked so ying but the opposite team lawyer wore a short-sleeve shirt + slippers. my god. "sure win!" haha, even b4 it started, v were confident tat v would win since v had a capable lawyer, wern-how (my lecturer - borges loves him so much) + many other coperative members.

this trial was based on a case judging tat iraq war was unnecessary, unjust. n i was in the defense group, supporting US.

the beginning statement of our lawyer was so much longer than theirs. yeah !!! so, the questioning of witness of their team started. when wern-how questioned one of their witnesses, the witness even gav an answer tat was favourable to us by telling "iraq war was justified". thank you so much. haha..

n after a short break, it was the turn of our witnesses to be questioned. n i was the first one! hehe. i was kinda nervous. looking at the handy cam tat recorded everything, i tried to smile to release my tension.

"i solemnly swear" n my questioning session started. to act like an iraqi soldier, i tried to speak as much muslim phrases like 'assalamualaikum' ,'alham dullilah' as possible bcoz i knew borges love acting. haha

after answering wern-how questions as planned earlier, i was very nervous tat i would b questioned by the prosecutor. tat fellow started with the first n most sux Q, "wat's ur muslim name?". my name was given by borges as terry toner. wat shud i answer?

after pondering for a while, i answered, " terry muhammad bin... ahmad " haha..

tat fellow even continued," wat took u so long to remember ur name?"

i was blur.. looking at borges, he finally said, "u cant ask tat Q since the name is given by me. if were to do tat, the defense lawyer can do the same to ur witnesses too." HAHAHAHA... padan muka!

n then tat fellow kept asking Qs, luckily i knew how to twist n turn to answer his tricky Qs.

n tat trial jz stopped half-way since the time was over n it would continue on fri. wat? continue on fri? this means tat i hav to wear this terrible attire again on fri? NO!!! no choice.

kinda happy since i could bomb tat fellow. haha

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