Wednesday, July 19, 2006

a trip to port klang for doulos

i was shocked that i ll hav my impromptu speech presentation by nx day. however,kuku n i hav promised ray to go to port klang with him for the book exhibition on doulos.

as v reached the ktm station, port klang, v were so excited to c how doulos look like. but, v saw nothing. after asking a woman, her answer really stunted me. she said "kapal tu kat west port la, jauh dari sini". my god...(i wanna kill ray). v then took a taxi which costs us rm20 but i didnt mind since it was paid by our boss - ray.

as v reached there,another problem - there is almost no bus or taxi service at the west port. wat could v do when v wanna go home? thanks to ray again. v jz didnt care, walked thru the very long port till v reached the ship -doulos. it was quite huge. v took several stupid photos as usual. looking thru those books, i finally bought nothing. what v got were PHOTOS, including a photo taken in the toilet of the ship, with a sign telling the correct way of using toilet bowl. thanks for educating me.

v tot tat v could hav a visit around the ship other than the exhibition site, but v couldnt. kuku n i felt tat v were cheated by ray to accompany him for this meaningless doulos trip, really! b4 v left the ship, i saw an inti lecturer there, jz felt like wanna advise her to leave there. ahha...

to got to the main land, v had to walk all the way thru the brigde again. v were happy, more photos were taken with different stupid posses. then, v took near the seaside again. another stupid pose was discovered by me - to carry the ship!

as ray saw me doin this pose quite well, he asked me to take a shot of him with the same pose as mine, but when everything was set at the right angle, right poses, 1... 2... 3... As i pressed the button, "BATTERY EMPTY" wahah... i was luckier than ray!

v didnt c any bus at the west port, i started to worry although the guard said tat there would b a bus every 1-2hr. 3 of us had nothing to do but to play sudoku, listening to mp3, eating my bun as U asked me eat. v were anxious and this feelings bcame more severe every minute. surprisingly, v saw a BUS!!! a TRANSNASIONAL BUS. v were like rats running of sinking ships, dashing towards the bus,so stupid.

another problem aroused though v had got a bus, v didnt know where to stop!!! v were heading towards klang ktm station but v didnt know when was the rite time to drop. after guessing n 'analyzing' for a while, ray finally asked the driver as many ppl dropped at a same junction.yes, it is !!! my assumption was correct! after dropping, v didnt know how to walk to the ktm station n luckily a malay guy led us. thanks a lot!!!

and i finally reached home at 7.30pm. yeah~!!!! it was indeed a lucky day for 3 of us. v met lots of good n polite malaysians, who says malaysians r rude?! v met a helpful bus driver, malay guy, guard. the similarities of these good ppl r, THEY R ALL MALE!!!

how bout tmr's presentation? i duno. jz try my best.

u told me tat ur roommate is not in these few days, this really made having the intention to giv ur hostel a visit on the nex few days. but, i ll hav to attend a ball on fri. sad. miss u alot. study hard!!!

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