Tuesday, July 11, 2006

everthing is so different since that day

since that day, my life has changed a lot, really. duno y. i nv expected this to happen to me.

via sms, i got to know u. at first, thinking that there was no big deal to know a person tat i hav nv met, v chatted for bout 1 day. knowing that u r 18, also born in 1988, like me, i was so happy to now someone at the same age with me. it was not easy for an coincidence to happen, especially when 2 persons staying in almost the same area met on internet. the probability is jz less than 1/1000000000. thank god.

at first, i thought u were a very open-minded ppl, happy, hav no problems surrounding u. after few smses n emails, i got to know ur problems. it really astonished me. i wondered how would i react if all those things happened to me. but u, u overcame it very well. really, it really inspired me so much.

u r blue, similar to me. u like to look at the sky, n might end up spending few hrs with tat. i was so happy when i heard tat - it was like knowing somebody who has the same thoughts with me. other than tat, there is a certain level of chemistry between both of us. those few days, u made my life became so warm, really.

the feelings were strange. i nv experienced it b4 even when some girlz actually took an active role in knowing me previously. u r the first one.

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