Friday, July 14, 2006

it's ur bday, fren!

7/14. it's beng hui's bday. not feeling well today. n u r not feeling well too, wat a coincidence.

in the afternoon,dav n i bought a cake from baker's cottage for beng hui (actually, it's beng hui who choose the cake). i m so soli for tat, jz try to b straight forward, i know, any surprise on one's bday is nv a surprise since everyone would expect something different to happen.

furthermore, i m soli again. those ppl who v call to meet at canteen for the birthday cake werent there at that time. v didnt know wat to do. jz feel kinda embarassing to sing a bday song when there were only few ppl there. finally, it was done.

waiting for our karaoke session which ll b at 3, beng hui n i went to sunway pyramid for window-shopping since i m really broke this month while waiting for dav to finish his CF meeting. SOLI again, v expected more ppl to b there for the singing k, but it was all nature club's fault which pulled our frens like kuku, ray, stanley to kuala selangor for the fireflies.

haha. he's the only guy in coll tat i can share my fashion sense n ideas with. not bad to meet someone like this. it was 3 o'clock n v got to the redbox to get a room for 3. v were shocked when the staff there told us it was rm22/person. oh shit! this price was almost equivalent to the price of singing at nite. n then, v left for the movie - pirates of the carribean 2. b4 v entered the cinema, i suddenly thought of this Q:"is the rm22 the charge for adult? as a student, is shud get a lower price." mayb it was our fault, v forgot to tell them v r students!!!

anyway, the movie was funny n interesting. not bad! that's all for the celebration.

soli, buddy, v expected it to b more unforgettable. n... ur present is reaching. pls wait. ur gf is being transfered from melaka to kl by air-mail. dun worry.

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