Monday, July 31, 2006

a small problem makes little pleasure more precious

thank god. other than suffering from the big problem, i encountered some little pleasure too.

i duno whether i m exaggerating it to make myself feel better or jz bcoz a small problem makes little pleasure more precious, i m kinda happy now.

today, v checked our accounting courseworks. n i got 58.xx/60. i was so happy!! haha . highest. the other 40% ll depends on my final's performance.

other than that, on the way home, i was peeped by a girl. hehe... PROUD!!! feel so good to be admired. mayb i fancy too much.the girl kept staring at me on the train. mayb today my hip-hop long-sleeve hat shirt covered my bad body shape very well. felt so high today.

other than thinking so hard how big the problem is, y dun v exaggerate the little pleasure so tat v can feel much better?

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